Amir Khan Shows His Gratitude Towards The Late Pakistani Veteran Actor, Moin Akhtar

It is also good to see the inter-state harmony, especially among the countries who appear to be each other rivals.

Bollywood actor Amir Khan, who was also present at the Asian Civilizations Dialogue in China met the Pakistani senator Mushahid Hussain.

By meeting him, the two of them expressed some friendly dialogues where Khan complimented and paid his respect to the Late, Veteran Pakistani actor and comedian, Moin Akhtar.

According to him, Moin Akhtar was an “amazing, supremely talented actor” and we couldn’t be more proud to see out artists getting respect everywhere.

The senator Mushahid Hussain also took pleasure in meeting with Amir Khan, and expressed his joy by calling him a “legendary, Indian icon”.

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