The big hacking scandal of Pakistan’s history came to normal

Lahore (Mirza Ramadan bag) The scandal scandal of the country’s history came in front of. PU Lahore’s students’ data was sold directly on the site. After the scandal scene, the students and parents ran anxiety wave.

Another scandal of hacking in Pakistan came on. The data from PU Lahore University was sold on the web. Student’s photos, videos and phone numbers are also available on Website Web Web. After the scandal scene came to normal, there was an alarming trend in the students and parents.
According to cyber experts, hackers hacked students’ data from spy apps. PU students’ data bit is being sold in the corner, the price of one bit coin is Rs. 7 lakhs these days. FIA Cyber ​​Crimee Wing started investigating the matter, but transferring the data from the data from Pakistan to the web transfers the web to the FIA ​​performance.

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