Fireworks on the sixth floor of the Prime Minister’s office

Islamabad (Public News) Attacks on the sixth floor of the prime minister’s office, including the prime minister, were expelled. Fire caused short circuit. The fire brigade staff reached the spot and seized the fire.

According to news sources, the fire broke out in the Prime Minister’s Office, fire took place on the sixth floor of the Prime Minister’s Office. All the staff of the office were ousted outside the Prime Minister. In the Prime Minister’s Office fire broke out short circuit. The fire which began to fire when the fire broke out and alarmed.
When the information reached, fire brigades’ vehicles reached the spot and were busy getting the fireworks, and some time later the fire was seized and the relief staff, including other security staff and administration orders, were present there. There were common meetings in the Prime Minister’s office, the usual work was on. Today, the Prime Minister shortly before the Prime Minister got fire
Talking to media after the prime minister’s office, on the third floor, the prime minister’s specialist Yousuf Bag Mirza said that the fire broke out from the washroom floor of the third floor, the smoke went to the destination. At the time the firefighted Prime Minister was meeting at his office. The Prime Minister asked the intensity of the fire and directed that all the people should be expelled. Yusuf Baif said more

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