The global market price crude reached the highest level of 2019

Islamabad (Public News) At least somewhat economical sanctions in production, crude oil reached the world’s highest level of 5 months. Crude oil barrel cost $ 70.65. Crude oil prices have increased due to a decrease in oil supply in the global market.

The global oil prices reached the highest level of 2019, the oil-producing countries’ organization cuts production by OPEC and two major countries producing oil-producing oil due to Iran and Vizzuela Became. The crude oil price has risen to 38 percent a barrel in the global market. Crude oil prices in the global market

0.4% increase crude oil crude $ 70.65 a barrel. Opake’s crude oil production has been dropped from last four months, resulting in a rise in thirty percent increase. OPEC and Russia continue to expect a drop of 1.5 million barrels in the same year.

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