Imran Ashraf Just Brilliantly Responded To Iqra Aziz Unfollowing Him On Instagram

Iqra Aziz recently unfollowed most members of the fraternity on Instagram, for reasons yet unknown. The ‘Suno Chanda‘ actress unfollowed fellow co-stars like Farhan Saeed and Imran Ashraf, along with most Pakistani publications – with Yasir Hussain being the only Pakistani actor she still follows.

Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz have been good friends for a long time and became closer whilst shooting ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.’

A few days ago, Iqra went on a mass unfollowing spree on Instagram and stopped following a number of her co-stars, including Imran Ashraf.

After a fan commented underneath Imran Ashraf’s post to inform the actor that Iqra had unfollowed him, Imran responded brilliantly!
The actor brushed it off, saying “koi baat nahi, I am her actual fan I will keep following her.”

Whether this was simply a harmless, innocent response or something a little more savage (we can’t help articulate the “actual” in this), Imran’s response was positively received.

A few users speculated how Iqra had unfollowed everyone following the Yasir Hussain controversy.

Everyone commended Imran for his dignified response and poured out nothing but love for the actor.

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