Keeping Up With The Most Badass Bhabhi – Shaniera Akram!

Keeping Up With The Most Badass Bhabhi – Shaniera Akram!

Evidently, Shaniera Akram is one of the most loved personalities we have around. Aur kyun na hou, we hardly come across women in the industry who are as badass and rightfully outspoken as she is.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with our gori bhabhi, she is the wife of the renowned cricketer, Wasim Akram. But her identity is clearly so much more than that. Ever since she married our cricket legend, she has completely delved into Pakistani culture and has been actively participating in philanthropy.Aur tou aur, she also raises awareness of social causes on multiple occasions. It’s her constant passion for life and continuous humanitarian work that has earned a place for her in the hearts of all Pakistanis!

Moreover, she is considered the queen of Twitter comebacks!
If you’ve been following her on social media, you’ll see k un ke jaisa savage koi nai hai.

Say the time when she made a typo in one of her tweets and played along with the trolls.Or her heartwarming banter with her husband, that we all call relationship goals!That’s right, if you need to learn how to deal with Twitter trolls, just head on to Shaniera’s profile and you’ll get your fair share of saucy comebacks! After all, it is her humor and intellect that makes her stand out from the rest. ABOUT TIME SHE STARTS HANDING OUT LESSONS, for real!

Is k ilava, she is truly humanitarian and philanthropist goals!

She is currently striving hard with her efforts to care for sick children and need to constantly empower women, with her association with the National Institute of Child Health (NICH). She is also busy gathering donations for kids in need, and for underprivileged families all around Pakistan. TRULY DOING GOD’S WORK HERE!

For those who want an inside look on her fun-loving side, you gotta check out the entertaining web-series, titled Who Is More Pakistani? That’s right, you will see tons of cute moments where Shaniera is being her adorable self, and hilariously competes with George Fulton over a number of Pakistani things.

Our favourite is the sabzi challenge, which you all need to watch!
Keeping the hilarity streak alive, Shaniera is truly a delight to have around on all social media platforms. And it’s also wonderful to see her actively taking part in Pakistani events, it truly shows how Akram has found a diamond in the rough.

And nevertheless, she is who she is today because of her lovable personality, and hopefully, we will get to see more of her on our feeds, and being around in all the happening events – giving us woman, mom, wife, and mother goals ALL IN ONE!

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