Money laundering would have ended if Sharif family did not get NRO: Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD (Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif) said that if the Sharif family had not received the NRO in the Hadithi case, the money laundering would have been eradicated. The Prime Minister said the prime minister’s meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the challenges facing the country and the challenges facing the country. Unfortunately, in every case the Haditha case was used as a sample.

Prime Minister Imran Khan met with Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussein. In the meeting, the Prime Minister said that if Sharif’s family had not received the NRO in the Hadithi case, and if the case was decided on merit, then money laundering in Pakistan would have ended. Unfortunately, in the case of all the upcoming cases coming to the NRO, which is found in the Haditha case, the model
The Prime Minister directed the Information Minister to convey all the details to the media through the media and said that the people should be aware of the truth so that they can inform them about the losses of these black-bases on the domestic economy. The Prime Minister said that the last ten years should be taken for the foreign debt to be held for $ 60 billion so that the public should be determined to make a decent dance.

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