Nine people including two policemen, a new sign of fear in NineMM, Karachi

KARACHI (Public News) Crime elements in the city Leader, untouchable, the intimidation of blind pills destroyed the air of peace in the city. Two policemen including a policeman were killed and two others were injured in a clash in Defense. The police arrested the suspect who was shot dead by the hospital.

According to details, incidents of controlling crime in Karachi could not be reduced. Another incident of firing occurred in the South Zone area of ​​Karachi. Two people, including a policeman, were killed in a firing incident.

The incident was presented in Street 26 of Defense-6, wherein the firefighters were in a state of illicit and escaped after the firing, according to the eyewitnesses.

SSP Cliffton Soha Aziz says the duty was made during police constables, investigation will be provided with CCTV footage. Officials say NineMM pistols were used for firing. Bullets were taken in custody.

KARACHI: Police arrested the person who had blindly shot dead in a private hospital custody by private hospitals. According to the police record, the accused was wanted in several raids.

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