Why prohibit children from sitting in that particular way

Why prohibit children from sitting in that particular way

If you have children in your home for more than two years, and they compress the legs in such a way that the English character becomes the W, then lovingly convince them not to do so.

In the case of W, all specialists are prevented from compressing the legs. The reason for this is that children learn to sit differently for two years, and thus they experience several seating experiences later. So it’s important to keep an eye on them.

Experts at the Pediatric Therapy Center in the US cited the reason, saying that it reduces the strength of the legs, they do not balance and may affect the ‘motor system’ of their body movements. It is quite likely that if a child gets into the habit of sitting down like this, he will not be able to get the right running and jumping.

Some experts have even warned that such hip joints are strongly affected and may cause spasms in the joints of the legs. Even children develop a habit of twisting the toe, which is more destructive.

For this reason, experts recommend that if you have seen a child sitting twice like this, be sure to monitor her and thus get rid of her habit of sitting as soon as possible.

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