Rain in the evening, the weather, the pleasant, the face of the fasting arose

LAHORE (Public News) The weather was pleasant in the most rainy areas due to rain on Monday, raining in Lahore, urban enjoyed.

The weather took turns, heat, and cold winds turned towards the city. Sprinkle in most areas of the country, rain with gray shine, the heat of heat breaks the face of the fasting.

The shadow of the mercy of Allah is a cloud, and the clouds of cool air. Rainy people get out of the rain. In some parts of the country there was a fierce heat, but the weather was pleasant in Syria.

According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will remain hot in most parts of the country on Tuesday. Rain is likely to rain with cold, thunderstorm in Kashmir, upper regions, Islamabad, Sargodha and some other districts.

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