Senior leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Jehangir Tareen stepped up

Islamabad (Public news) Jehangir-e-Akhtar on the appeal of Arafra, a lonely child from Lodhran. The announcement to raise the next all education costs of Jihangir-e-Iqbal’s accounts. Iqrar won the first position in the fifth class examination.

Senior leader PTI Jehangir Tendulkar stepped out, Jehangir became the most dynamic on the appeal of the lunar children of Lodhran. Jahangir Tare announced to raise the next all-year educational costs. Jehangir Tare says that for encouraging the Iqbal, I take full responsibility to raise his educational costs. The relatives of his relatives and his family

The Lodhran-e-Iqra had won the first position across the district in the fifth-party examination. Jehangir Tare said that despite the difficult domestic circumstances, the values ​​do not dare. Iqbal appealed to the government since time due to difficult economic conditions. Jindandhar said that Iqrar achieved great success and highlighted the name of Lodhran in the country.

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