Shruti Haasan shares how she got her first movie on a chat show

The first movie of an actor will always be a special one to them. But Shruti Haasan’s case, it was the most daring film of her life ever.

“My first film was with Imran Khan. He is like a brother to me. He told me that there is a role like this and if I would do it. I said, ‘How much will you pay me as I need money to buy my band equipment?’ And I asked him about the character. He said that it is just like me, like a tomboy, action-oriented. Then I was okay.”

The actress further continued: “I asked him if I could sing in the film. He said, ‘Okay, you can sing!’ That’s how I got my first film. No planning at all. Till date, among more than 30 movies that I have done, that was the most daring film I have ever been a part of.”Shruti Haasan also shared how difficult it was to perform stunts in the film, and she further added: “There were at least 60 to 100 sharks in that place. They are putting fish in the center. I said, ‘What if it eats me?’ They said ‘we have already fed them. They are very full.’ I said ‘What if they want a snack?’ It was very scary but it was good in the end.”

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