‘Spare them,’ says Ekta Kapoor as she reacts to Game of Thrones fans’ disappointment over season 8

'Spare them,' says Ekta Kapoor as she reacts to Game of Thrones fans' disappointment over season 8

In the fifth episode of Game Of Thrones season 8, we saw Daenerys turning into Mad Queen and Mountain’s striking resemblance to Star Wars’ Darth Vader to Lord Varys’s punishment. The episode left everyone shocked,
he last and final season of Game of Thrones is turning out to be full of twist and turns, leaving fans aghast. And what happened on Monday, when the fifth episode of the Game of Thrones season 8 aired, it was packed with shockers. Daenerys Targaryen turning into Mad Queen and burning the King’s landing to Lord Varys being burnt to death by Drogon as a punishment for treason to Mountain’s striking resemblance to Star Wars’ Darth Vader to Jamie and Cersei’s last embrace, just like Emilia Clarke had said, the fifth episode of GOT was indeed ‘OUT OF THIS WORLD’. Fans have taken Twitter by storm with after watching the episode. What do we say, we still are recovering from what we saw!

Case in point, Jaya Misra’s tweet. Jaya is the writer of Ekta Kapoor-produced TV show Kehne Ko Hain Humsafar. The Fan in Jaya was disappointed with the fifth episode and we kind of agree. She took to Twitter to express her discontent. Jaya wrote, “The demise of the greatest show ever. Murdered by its own creators. #GOT #GameofThrones #GameofThronesseason8episode5.” Take a look at her tweet here:

Ekta Kapoor came in defense of the creators of the show, saying Bakssh Do (Spare them). She wrote, “U sounding like d fans who massacre me when they [email protected]@like an episode! They made the worlds biggest show ! Yaaar baksh do.” Here’s her tweet:

Jaya then clarified saying that she (Ekta) would never sacrifice the character arcs for the sake of a shocking plot. Her tweet read, “EK, you would never sacrifice character arcs for the sake of a shocking plot… that’s what you always tell us. These guys have just changed most characters for their convenience. I am so angry that I’m imploding.” Here’s Jaya’s tweet:

Ekta replied to this saying that it’s a victory for the makers as they have got what they wanted. Her tweet read: “U felt strongly they have won! Biggest achievement of a maker is this ! Muuuuah.” Have a look at her tweet here:

Ending on a lighter note, Jaya wrote, “Hahahhah i feel like ive had a break up with a series where i had a relationship for 10 yrs. FML!!!!” Here’s the tweet:

Well, the finale episode of the series is all set to air on May 20 and from the preview, we feel it going to be an epic finale ever. The episode is 80 minutes long. The creators David Benioff and DB Wiess donned the director’s hat for the finale, however they are skeptical about the reaction to the ending, which is one reason why they won’t be online when the episode air next Monday. Watch the preview here:

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