The world’s most expensive divorce in the founder and wife of Amazon

Public News: 25 years of marriage and now record breaking breaks the most expensive divorce. Amazon founder Jeff Bizau’s wife will get $ 35 billion on divorce. By making money, the mechanics will become the world’s third richest woman.
According to the details, a divorce agreement was fixed between richest person Jeff Beezos and his wife Maxinzi Beizos. Successful novelist and writer Maxinzi Beizos will get $ 35 billion on the marriage expiry.

Jeff and McNenzie Bizzy announced this in their tweet. McGenie Jeff Bizsus’s online shopping company will own four percent shares of Amazon.
Prior to the agreement, Amazon was 16.3% shares of Amazon. As a result of divorce, Jeff now 75% and MacNews will get 25% of Amazon’s shares.

There are four children of this pair and these two were together since 1994. The divorce between Jeff Bezes and his wife is allegedly referred to as Jeff’s relationship with Fox TV’s former host Loren Sanchez.

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